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Date: January 16th 1915

Bustard Camp
Salisbury Plain

Jan 16/15

Dear Dad

I had just come back from a six day pass (dead broke).  When the Sergeant came up to me with the postal order for $25  Was very glad to get.  And am very grateful.  Hugh is now in the same company as me now.  He was in the Base reserve before.  And I guess he was glad to get transferred.

I went to Ted Everist’s home in Lingfield Dormans Land Surrey.  He is in the same company as me.  And he certainly is a fine fellow.  And his folks are just as good.  They certainly treated me fine.  And they want me if I ever get wounded to be sure to go to there place and they will look after me.

The only fault I found on my leave was that I couldn’t sleep on a feather bed for the first couple of nights.  I also saw a little bit of London.

Well dad must close now.  I want to slip around to the Salvation Army tent and get a cup of tea before ‘lights out” sounds.

Your loving son

Joe is my nickname here.  How do you like it?

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Original Scans