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Date: August 24th 1944
Ma, Pa, and Ruth

Aug 24, 1944

A.R Bergquist, V86536

A/SHPT. 4/c,

H.M.C.S Stadacona I

c/o Fleet Mail Office

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Dear, Ma, Pa and Ruth

Received your letter today. The box of chocolates that you sent hasn’t arrived yet but I guess it will be any day now. The weather has been fine here today but it is cooler these days. I think the summer is just about over here. We will be getting paid the beginning of next week. I will send some home. The news in the paper sure is good these days. That sure is a good razor strap you bought Pa. I can use one razor blade seven or eight times. There should be lots of building as soon as the war is over if the houses are [?] right down these days. I guess Art likes it better at Midlands than up at the island. There isn’t much of a downtown district here so one doesn’t have to shed much money. Having motion picture shows right here Stadacona I, is a good idea too. The pictures they show are good too. I am ok. I hope that Ma, Pa and Ruth that you are all ok. Well that is about all for today. I will write again tomorrow.

Love to all,


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Original Scans