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Date: August 27th 1916

No 163, 047
Bandsman H Cunliffe
75th Batt 11th Brigade Band
c/o Army P.O. London Eng

Sunday Aug 27th 1916

Dear Kiddo

I write these few lines hoping to find you all well, as it leaves me at present, I got the photograph last night, and I must say, it is a real good picture, I was just giving up all hopes of getting it, thinking it might have got lost, in the mail, I see by the Envelopes that I get your letters in, that the Exibition starts on the 26th of August, I guess by the time you get this letter, you will all have been there, and had a good time, I hope you have anyway, I also hope you did not forget to get Mary her little wine glass, or cup, that you usually get her every year, at Exibition, you might tell me in your next letter, what big band they had there, this year, how is Edith Harmston getting on, and little Georgie, I hope written three or four letters to George, and I have not had any answers to them yet from him, I dont know wether, they have been lost in the mail or not, I am sending you an handkerchief which I hope you will like it you will find it enclosed in this letter, please let me know if you get it all right, I am going to try and get you all something nice I shall most likely send Aunt Ellen and Edith something next, and then your mother and the children, I know it will be nice and interesting, to get something, from near the front, in a country where the war is raging remember me to Capt Leech, and the band fellows, and kiss the children for me, it did me good to see their little faces, on the picture, yours as well, give my love to all, and keep tons of it for yourself, so ta-ta for the present from your Loving Husband Herbert

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