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Date: September 13th 1916

Bandsman H Cunliffe No163047
75th Batt 11th Brigade Band
4th Division C.E.F. France
c/o Army P.O. London Eng

Wed Sep 13th 1916

Dear Kiddo

I write these few lines hoping to find you all well as it leaves me at present, I just received two letters from you, so I am taking the first chance to write back, I guess you will feel kind of lonely now, that your Mother and Edith have gone to England I cant help but think, that they were foolish to go, because they will never do as well in England, as they would in Canada, and just you see, if they don't want to get back again, but still, I hope they have a good time whilst they are there, I was glad to hear that Ed [ckerly?] has let in lucky on a good job, remember me to him, when you see him again, you mentioned about Edith's letter, yes I got it all right, and it certainly was kind of humourous, you mentionedin your second letter about giving up the house,and going to board at Mrs Lillies, well that may be all right in a way, but I would like to have come back to the same house again, how are you going to fix up at Mrs Lillies, I thought she had a house full now, has'nt Mrs Perrett, got two or three rooms there, I don't see how you are going to fix up, but do the best for yourself but one thing you must not do, that is, go to work you stay home, and look after the children, never mind going to work. I am glad the children are getting on all right and keeping well, I wish I could see the kiddies again now, if only for a little while, but I cant, so I do the next best thing, I look at their picture, and yours, I cant understand why you did not get any letters, from me, for three weeks, unless the postal authorities, held them back at the time we left England, because I wrote the letters, and sent them all right, I am glad to tell you, we are getting on all right, so far, well, I will close my letter now as I have to go on guard in a few minutes, so ta-ta for the present, from your Loving Darling Husband Herbert

divide these

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for Mary
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for baby

xxfor yourselfxx

p.s. you knew Bill Rodwell from brantford did'nt you (Mrs Chesseman's brother-in law,) well he got wounded, in the right hand, H.C.
p.s. please remember me to all. H C.

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