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Date: December 1st 1940

Same address.

Dec. 1. 1940,

Dear Betts: -

Received your parcel – I wouldn't really call it a letter – because they brought it in on a truck – thanks a lot Squirt.

I'm glad to hear that everybody gave you such nice presents – I imagine you have received mine by now – small though it be Betts – it carries the right sentiments I assure you.

Sorry to hear that you didn't get the “bumps” but if I get home for Xmas – and right now it doesn't look very bright – you'll get the “bumps” - with interest!

I sure hope you can go to Glenora to fancy skate Betts – because it would do you a world of good. It will make a young lady out of you, instead of just a girl – it gives you poise, gracefulness and everything that makes a lady, a lady, instead of just a woman – believe me there is a difference. Tell Mom I will pay for half the membership for your Xmas present.

I hope your finger is better now and that your basketball team is having all kinds of success.

By the sound of your letter – your new boy friend must be quite a guy. – I'm glad he is alright though because he can't be too good for you Squirt – they don't make them that good.  But I hope you are not letting your school work go because of him – keep up the homework now Kid because I don't want you to be a dunce like I was in high school.

I hope the School Play has the best success yet and it will have to go some to beat the plays in the past – financially and otherwise.

I wrote a letter to Mr. Richards at Vic last week – he should have it by now. He will probably answer it and tell me how things are going at Vic. By the way thanks a lot for the 2 Argosys – looks like it is the same old Vic – and thanks a lot for the nice little poem – it is pretty nice – say where did you get it anyway?

How is the Fratkin family? Dick owes me a letter I believe. Say hello to the Magee family for me – also all the kids. You might give my regards to Bill Cameron if you see him.

As you know by now – the whole station here is under quaratine for Diptheria – which means we are C. B. From the looks of things now we will have to be pretty lucky to get out of here much before Xmas. There are a lot of Western boys here with me and we are all hoping and praying to be sent out to Regina so that we can get home for Xmas.

I fell last night on the ice and hurt my bad knee – its a little swollen – but I'm O.K. otherwise – I'm going down to see the Dr. today and get him to tape my knee. Tell Mom not to worry about me because I feel like a million dollars and there isn't a ghost of a chance of me catching Diptheria.

Love to Mom & Mr. Mac.

Lots of Love Squirt


PS: - Write Soon.

Original Scans

Original Scans

William Daniel Boon. December 1, 1940. Letter. William Daniel Boon. December 1, 1940. Letter. William Daniel Boon. December 1, 1940. Letter. William Daniel Boon. December 1, 1940. Letter. William Daniel Boon. December 1, 1940. Envelope Front. William Daniel Boon. December 1, 1940. Envelope Back.