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Date: May 5th 1918
Mr. Irwin
Louis Norris

France 25-5-18

Dear Mr. Irwin

Many thanks for your most welcome letter of March 25 recev’d a few days ago.

I’ve been looking out for a letter from you for a month or so, don’t you see I left the Battalion a month ago and I, am now in Soutern France about two hundred miles from the trenches My adres now is as follows

145375. Lt/cpl. Louis Norris #2 District Had quarters Canadian Forstery Corps France.

Before I left the Batt. I went down to Karl’s Batt but could not see him as he was not with his unit then, he was with the Salvage Corp, and I could not find out where they were, but let us hope that I will see him very soon in Norwood.

Regarding my home people I don’t think anything can be done at present, as I inquired at the International Red Cross Society true Switzerland and they tried to find out about them and the reply I got from those people was that no trace can be found but they will let me know later if they find out something that happened about two months ago - or so and I give’d up all hopes until this war is over but thank you very much just the same it is very kind of you indeed.

It is rather funny I happened to be in the same town as Karl was in February, and I could not see him, and mind you being so close to him and not knowing anything about him.

I think by now you have recev’d the letter which contains the history of the M.M. won on the 22nd of August 1917.

On March 20th/18 I was granted leave to England well I might say I did not get very far until I was back to the same place where I started from.

I got as far as the Port ready for sailing for England, and there where my troubles began I guess you know what happen’d on the 22nd of March, no time was lost and we were all send back to the trenches by special train, you can just imagine how and what I felt like! Up the line with the best of luck I went and stick’d it for one month and then got send down here by my Colonel and here I, am to-day, a different life alltogether, between civilisation once more which I never expected. Do you know a Capt. Thomson was out here, because I don’t think he has as far as I heard some boys from the 93rd saying he need’s two pair of warm socks, of course I don’t know how true it is.

Well Mr. Irwin I think this about all for just now hoping this letter find you and rest of family in the best of health as it leaves me at present.

With kindest regards and best of wishes for all at home. Hoping to hear from you again soon

I remain Yours

Very Sincerely


11 18 P.M.

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Original Scans

Norris, Louis. May 25, 1918. Letter. Norris, Louis. May 25, 1918. Letter. Norris, Louis. May 25, 1918. Letter. Norris, Louis. May 25, 1918. Letter. Norris, Louis. May 25, 1918. Letter. Norris, Louis. May 25, 1918. Letter. Norris, Louis. May 25, 1918. Letter.