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Date: September 16th 1916

Sept 16th 1916.

My dear little mother.

Just a short note to let you know that I am still here. I expect to be sent for at any moment and am therefore doing a little preparation work. I shall certainly be glad when I get instruction to report, for I am eager to make a beginning.

I have not yet received my mail from France. I imagine I shall find several letters from home when it does come.

I hope all at home are quite well: The weather here at present, is real autumn weather_ beautifull sunshiny days and chilly evenings. I suppose it is the same in Victoria. There are not very many soldiers in town just now. I should think it is on account of the big Push. I suppose you have heard of the Zeppelin raid and of the Zep we brought down, it occurred the night before I came to town.  Don’t forget to give my love to Toddy and Winnie. I do not think I shall know Toddy when I see her, she must be getting quite a big girl. I hope you don’t mind me writing this letter with lead pencil, but all the pens around here are engaged just now, and those that are not being used are on the blink. Well mother dear I must say good bye for the present.  You had better send only one letter here, as I suppose I shall have to report soon. With best love to all.

Your affectionate son,


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