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Date: April 5th 1917
Mr. Irwin
Louis Norris

145375 Pte Louis Norris

[?] Battalion Canadians

France April the 5th 1917.

Dear Mr. Irwin.

Many thanks for your kindly welcome letter receved this morning written on January the 27th & also a card written January the 22nd I think it has been folowing all around France I, am with my unit at present just came out for a rest being in the trenches for [?] expect to go back in a few days was very glad to hear from you very glad indeed as I did not receve any mail for this last two months but I receved enogh mail today I receved seventeen letters & six parcels from Canada believe me Mr Irwin I, am going to have some time with those parcels as we are short of [?] some times well not some times but very often so I will be O.K. and about those letters I think it will keep me busy those few days which I am out resting to read those letters & mind you I,ve got to answer them too (what a job) but never mind I,ll manage them some how

I, am very glad to hear about the seventh boy he must be some boy I, am surprised about Karl you might give him a good tip from me to remain where he is. I am doing his [?]

I receved a letter from Joe (Gord) Humphries today I did tried twice to write home once [?] the International Red Cross Society & once on my own and they came back the answer was on the envelope. Place taken by the enemy, no post office, no information what became whith the people so I, am living with hopes to find out somethinks about them after the war if I,ll be alive but lets hope so. The weather as usual four days raining two days snowing and about one day & a half sunshine some since France isn’t it. well I think that is about all I,ve got to say for just now as I,ve got alot a head of me so I think I,ll have to close of hoping to hear from you soon

I, am yours very sincerely

Louis Norris


Best regards for all at home boy scouts Knights of Honour, & all the Friends of Norwood.

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Original Scans

Norris, Louis. April 5 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. April 5 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. April 5 1917. Letter. Norris, Louis. April 5 1917. Envelope. Norris, Louis. April 5 1917. Envelope.