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Date: November 3rd 1915
Mr. Irwin
Louis Norris

Ottawa Nov. 3/15

Rev. Mr. Irwin

Dear Sir

I arrived all safe and sound in Ottawa at 530 p.m. Tuesday night Stayed at Hotel and went to City Hall for position as entrepeter & then went to Chief of Police after Chief of Detectives & also for Chief of Dominion Police at Parliament Buildings but could get nothing from any of them as they wanted somebody that could speak Greek Servian & Turkish and as I could not do that I enlisted for the war as entrepeter & electritian and think I will be all O.K. Now as I am on duty at the recruiting office till Monday next I will go then to my Batt. which is the 77th as intrepeter & then I will receive about $2.50 a day

Yours truly

Louis Norris


Recruiting office

cor. Spark & Elgin.

Kindly inform Daughters of Empire regarding my enlisting in the 77th Batt. for Overseas Service as an intrepeter with I. Doxie.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Norris, Louis. November 3, 1915. Letter. Norris, Louis. November 3, 1915. Letter.