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Date: April 23rd 1919
Rev. Irwin
A. Kettridge Sgt

1 Cambridge Cottage

Sion Lune



23-4, 19

Dear Rev Irwin.

Many thanks for your letter which I received last night; I was very pleased to hear from you and to know how every thing is going in Norwood, how is the weather on that side these days, we are getting some lovely weather over in England.

I was speaking to Cpl Stares this morning he is coming home this week my self I have got to stay in England for a short time the reason I am staying is my father was killed in Aug 1915 & my Brother in Oct 1917 so there are only myself and Mother left & I think it is my place to stay and look after her but I may come out again in a short time if every thing goes alright.

So Marjorie is [?], I hope every in Norwood is having a good time, now the fighting is done, and I am sure that the boys from our little village has done the share of it and I am glad to see them get home, I would love to be coming with Stares this week, if every thing had gone right at home I would have been with him.

Well this is all this time so I will close remember me to the boys who have returned

Yours Sincerely

A. Kettridge Sgt

21 Batt.

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