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Date: December 23rd 1916
Major Hudgins

Witley Dec. 23rd /16

 Dear Ollie:-

I got the box of candy that you sent on the 17th of last month.  Jack hasn’t bot his yet for he is still out at the range and it rained this morning so we did not go out but guess we will be going out tomorrow if we don’t he will come back to camp.

We are going to have a smoker for the 185th tomorrow night.  We have 600 clay pipes and tobacco and cigarettes and a few apples.  I expect we will have a big time and Monday night we are invited over to their camp so it will make something to take up our time for awhile.  There was a letter came for Jack from Mrs. Hird and one from home or I think it is from home but don’t like to open it for I ain’t sure but I haven’t heard from home for two weeks.  Jack got his package of tobacco the first of this week.  You told me to give each of the boys a piece of that candy.  Well there was a great many pieces so they had to take it by the handful but it was mighty good just the same.

Well Ollie, it don’t seem much like Xmas to me but we will have to make the best of it for this year.  A few of the boys got away for six days but only a few.  For al the lot that was going to the range could not get away.  I didn’t give a damn for didn’t plan to go anyway but some of the boys did.

We have been having lots of candy lately for some of the boys would be getting a box every day and it didn’t make a bit of odds how small a one it was divided amongst the crowd.

I don’t know any news to write so will have to close for this time.


PS You needn’t write separate letters to us but make the ones you do write good fat ones.

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Original Scans

Hudgins, Major. Letter. 1916.12.23 Hudgins, Major. Letter. 1916.12.23 Hudgins, Major. Letter. 1916.12.23