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Date: January 5th 1917
Major Hudgins

Witley Jan.  5th /17

 Dear Ollie:-

It is raining tonight so I am going to try and write a few lines but don’t suppose will go until Sunday but hard to tell.  I might be on guard or some other job and not have another chance and Jack is on orderly Sargent so he won’t have time for anything for we have a lot of new men from the 219th.  You know they have been broken up.  All the best of them came down with us and our poor ones went with them and they had moved away and the 193rd is reinforcing the 185th and they have moved too and two new Bns. is in their huts.  So you see we have been doing some business in the NSHB since we come across to the old country and Jack and I are back with D Coy.  We was out and threw our first live bomb.  It is great sport for they make a Hell of a noise but it was to see some of the boys.  They was very nervous and of course they ain’t to be played with but they are safe if you don’t get scared and do something that you hadn’t ought to.

We got a box of cake from home last Sunday and I got a letter from Bine.  She tells me that Frank is a little more contented than he was.  I am glad to hear that for I didn’t know what damn foolishness he would try but Ern Creamer will be home in a week or two and I think he will make stop and think before he starts out.  I tell you Ern is a happy boy for he is getting clear of the army for good and all unless the war lasts for a long while, and I don’t think it will by the looks of things now.

Ern spoke about that five dollars he owed John almost the first thing but he is the same old Ern.  I don’t’ think the army will improve a chap much but it might.  I have seen quite a lot of boys back from the front and can’t see much improvement in them.  I pity some of the boys around the mountain when Ern gets at them.

We are having it quite warm here now but it rains just the same, warm or cold.  Some of the boys have the mumps.  There is three huts quarantined.  One in C and one in B Coys so the rest of us have lots or work to do for we have to guard the huts and carry all their grub to them.  Mot the huts but the boys I mean. 

And Daddy is cursing the life out of you as usual is he?  Did he spend Xmas with you?  It is a wonder if he didn’t.  How is Reg and Mrs. D getting along this winter?  I suppose Reg is working for Hart.  I can’t think of any more questions to ask or anything to tell you so will close for this time.


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Original Scans

Hudgins, Major.Letter.1917.01.05 Hudgins, Major.Letter.1917.01.05 Hudgins, Major.Letter.1917.01.05 Hudgins, Major.Letter.1917.01.05 Hudgins, Major.Letter.1917.01.05