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Date: January 28th 1917
Major Hudgins

Witley Jan. 28th/17

 Dear Ollie:-

I thought I would try and write you a few lines today but we have not got any word from home for over a week.  But we got a box from Mrs. D this morning.  It was a cake and a damn good one too but it costs like the Devil.  It cost her 49 cents to send it but it was might good of her just the same.

Well Ollie, we are out of quarantine.  Got out this noon.  I almost wish we wasn’t for I am on guard again tomorrow.  But I suppose we hadn’t ought to complain for some of the other boys had to do it while we was shut up and they will soon all be out of quarantine again if someone else don’t come on with the mumps and I hope they won’t for it makes a lot of work for the ones that ain’t shut up.

We are having it most Hellish cold now.  Everything is frozen up so damn hard that we can’t get water to wash in but it is nice and fine.  The sun is shining for the first time since we came across.  I don’t know what to write for we have nothing that is new to tell about and if there was I couldn’t tell it.  But I suppose we will soon be moving somewhere but don’t know where.  Some of the boys said the Colonel gave a lecture Sat. and said we had to move out of here soon either to France or Bramshot but I think it will be France.

Jack is going to write to you the middle of the week.  He wrote to Ethel today so he will be able to tell you anything and it is getting dark so will quit for this time.


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