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Date: April 9th 1917
Major Hudgins

April 9th 1917


Dear Ollie:-

I am sitting on the ground in an old barn trying to think of something to write.  We came across to France over a week ago and went up to the Bn. but they make us come back to the school to take a two-week course.  And yesterday we celebrated Easter by taking a 15-mile march with everything we own.  The whole school moved and now we are in billets.  There is 65 of us in a barn but I don’t mind.  It is kind of fun only it is kind of cold and damp for even if it is supposed to be the summer it snows every day or so. 

We saw Angus when we was up to the Bn. and he was looking fine.  But of course we only saw him a few minutes for we only stopped long enough to get a bite to eat and get our mail and we had quite a bunch of it too.  Of course some of it was quite old but we had a couple that was written on Mar. 12th and that wasn’t too bad.  And now I suppose we won’t get any more while we are at school.

Well Ollie, this is a great country.  It has England beat to a finish.  It seems more like home but the mud is hellish over here.  Most knee deep but we are getting used to it now and don’t mind it.

I don’t know anything to write about for we cannot write anything where we are or what we are doing so will close for this time.  Hoping to get our mail all right.



PS I don’t know just how for you to address our letters but guess the old address is all right.  But you might put somewhere in France and B.E.F. instead of C.E.F.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, Major. Letter. 1917.04.09 Hudgins, Major. Letter. 1917.04.09 Hudgins, Major. Letter. 1917.04.09 Hudgins, Major. Letter. 1917.04.09