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Date: December 5th 1916

December 5th 1916


Dear Ollie-:


I got your letter tonight so am going to answer it.  We haven’t got the box yet but they sort out the letters first.  There is so much mail coming now that it keeps them busy to get it sorted between mails.  There was two hundred bags of mail for Witley Camp today.  Do you wonder that we don’t get our mail regular?  You had better have kept you presents for you won’t get any from us for we don’t have enough money to buy anything for to send home.  But we will send you a card. 

I would like to have been out to your supper.  Bet I could eat my money’s worth.  This is the damned place for grub.  They don’t know how to cook anything but spuds.

Well Ollie it must be quite like winter to have a foot of snow but it may not last long.  I dare say it is quite warm again by now.  We are having it quite cold here now too.  It froze quite a bit this last two days but it seems cold enough to be down to zero for it is so damp.

I guess we will be busted up all right.  One draft went this morning.  Not a very big crowd but she is gone.  They took more from the 219th and 193rd than they did from us.  Joe and Peter went with the rest, it don’t’ seem much like home now so I don’t give damn how soon they call on us. 

We are well fixed for socks for we were issued with two pairs before we left Kentville so don’t know of anything that you could send us that we can’t get cheaper here for it costs like Hell to send anything across and we stand quite a chance of not getting it at all.

I wish I was home to get a piece of that pig.  I bet I could eat half a pig myself in a day.  We get a lot of mutton here and it is so fat that you would have to steel guts to stand it. 

Angus had a letter from home today and his wife told him that she got the apples all right and the kid was into them headfirst.  Don’t know anymore to write so will close for this time.


With love to both of you


Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, Major. December 5, 1916. Hudgins, Major. December 5, 1916. Hudgins, Major. December 5, 1916. Hudgins, Major. December 5, 1916. Hudgins, Major. December 5, 1916.