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Date: April 18th 1916




Dear Ollie:-


I am going to try and write you a few lines tonight to let you know that we are still alive and doing guard too.  But I guess will be going across before long.  We had the General examine us today.  General Benson I think was his name.  Anyway he is mighty easy to satisfy for he was very much pleased with the way we went through the drill and we ain’t near as good at it as we were last Dec. for we have had no company drill at all this year.

The 51st went aboard today so we will have some more guarding to do now.  We had to send 50 guards sown there this morning but of course they won’t have to do that long.  Just while the 51st are loading.  They may not have to stay all night but I expect we will have to send guards down about Fri. for one of the 51st told me that the 63rd was on its way from Edmonton.  That is where they came from too, and he said, “you fellows have no kick coming.  We have been drilling for sixteen months and just getting away now.”  They are a fine looking lot of men and seem to be nice chaps too.  I would like to have gone across with them.

You asked what the 64th went across in.  They went in the Adriatic.  Jack thought you asked the name of the big boat.  Well Ollie, how are you getting on.  Have you gotten down home yet or are you going to take Mrs. Dargie and stay where you are?  I think you had better go home though for you would not have anyone to bathe you.  We have our new badges.  They are dandy too.  The cam badge is a good big one.  Keeps the cap up in shape. 

There is a big time here tonight.  A supper and entertainment by the ladies of Park St. Church.  A farewell supper for he 85th.  Don’t know anymore to write so will close.

Hoping you are feeling better


Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, Major. April 18, 1916. Hudgins, Major. April 18, 1916. Hudgins, Major. April 18, 1916. Hudgins, Major. April 18, 1916. Hudgins, Major. April 18, 1916.