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Date: March 12th 1916




Dear Ollie:-


I am going to try and write you a few lines to pass away the time for Kelly is with his wife and kind of leaves me alone.  I had a letter from Angus.  He says he is very busy.  Don’t have time for anything.  He is working in the office, he don’t’ say when he will be back.

Kelly has a bug in his bonnet again to join this 224th Forester Battalion.  They are going to raise one Company in N.S.  Its headquarters will be in Ottawa.  They want mill-men and men for the woods.  I have a damn good mind to try it myself if we can get a transfer from the 85th, which I doubt like the Devil.  But the 85th is going to the Devil as fast as it can.  I guess we are going to be in Kentville all right by to talk now and if we do we won’t get across before next fall, and this new Battalion will go as soon as it is mobilized I imagine for they won’t have to be trained. 

Well Kelly and I had a great job after we came back.  We was waiters on a bunch of coons that has joined the Highland Brigade but we didn’t keep them, we sent them back.  I don’t know what they are going into, but we certainly had a snap.  It only took us about an hour at a meal and Friday we only gave them breakfast, then we had nothing more to do all day.

I suppose of course you were all to Berwick Friday night.  What kind of a time did you have?  It was a dandy night, warm and nice.

We didn’t get home until most nine o’clock Wed. night.  We had two transfers by the wreck at Kentville.  I tell you what it tore things up some.  It was a wonder that no one was hurt.  We came mighty slow for I guess they was getting scared, as that was the second time in twelve days.  I haven’t been on guard yet but am going on tomorrow.  Well guess will quit for this time.



Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, Major. March 12, 1916. Hudgins, Major. March 12, 1916. Hudgins, Major. March 12, 1916. Hudgins, Major. March 12, 1916.