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Date: February 1st 1919

Ripon Camp



Dear Ollie:

Just a line to let you know am still living but there isn’t any news so this will be short and to the point.  Am Orderly Officer again today so thought might as well scratch what little I have to say tonight as I can’t go to bed until 2 o’clock and will probable sleep all day tomorrow the way I did last Sun.


Pon me word I don’t know whether I have written you since we moved or not.  Anyway, we are here and I guess I like it better than Bramshott.  It’s colder at any rate.  Snow most every day. 


Well Allie, I went and done it, had my picture taken at last.  But it was an awful job to get started.  Haven’t seen the proofs yet.  Reckon will go down Mon. if I get a chance.  If they are not too damnable will send you one but I guess the way the old chap twisted and shoved me around it’s most impossible for them to be good.


Well I must go visit the lines, will finish when I come back. 


Well here we are again.  Just got back off my rounds.  One more trip and will go to bed.  It’s snowing again and as black as a stack of black cats.  Well I don’t know what the Sam Hill to write there isn’t anything I can say but damn and saw off.  Am still in quarantine for trench mouth.  I don’t think its trench mouth but just the same its might uncomfortable and makes one cuss ‘siderable.  Oh yes, got my Certificate for my D.C.M but the medal hasn’t arrived yet, neither has the 20 pounds.  Must quit writing dammit you will have to ask questions if you want me to write anything at all.  It’s getting harder for me to write everyday I live.  



17th Can. Res. Bn.

28 Camp Ripon