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Date: January 16th 1916

Jan. 16th 1916

52nd. Battalion

Dear brother :-- We received your letters on the 12th. and glad to hear from you, we also received the Xmas box on the 7th., the cake was indeed very nice, who ever made it. I gave Henry his cake, and went after the rest myself, but one thing I would like to know did you receive those Xmas cards and letters I sent, also do yous receive the Government $15.00 a month, if not let me know and I will see about it, or you could write to the Militia department at Ottawa. Henry is going to sign over some of his money just as soon as he gets the chance. You are talking in the letter about feeling sad, don’t feel that way, cheer up we are in the best of spirits. The day I was on guard that was Wednesday, the 13th I got the letters, that is the first guard I got since we came here. The weather here now is getting cold, it started yesterday, up until then we have had rain. I am sending you a little book you can ol ol chie in and keep the time for yourself, does the 94th do any route marching along the street like the 52nd did, did Teddy join the 94th yet let me know when you write. I hope you all are having good health as we are the same get a box of Fruit-atives at the drug store and they will put you in good trim.

Mr. Manuel just got out of the hospital at Aldershot where he was treated for varicose veins in the legs.

Write soon, No more at present.

From Wesley.


Miss Neill


Fort William


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