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Date: June 6th 1917


June 6th 1917


Dear Ollie:


As I have nothing to do this PM will try and answer your last letter.  Planned to write Sun. but did not get a chance.  Had company all Sun. afternoon.  We had Vic Crocker, Walter Charlton & Herb Venoitt with us all the afternoon and Howard Beales was around looking for us but missed him some way.  We were playing ball and there was an awful crowd on and we could not find him.  Didn’t hurt myself hunting.

Well Allie, you asked me about Joe & Peter.  Peter is dead and Joe I think was sent down to the Base.  The boys tell me he went all to pieces after Peter as killed.  Of course I don’t know only what I hear.  Have met most of the boys from home since I landed here.  That is all that’s left of them.  Harold Woodworth tells me that Church Morse lost his arm early this spring but did not know whether he was in England or not.  One thing sure it means Can. for him and an arm off at the elbow isn’t much these times.  Me Heavens it’s hot here the last few days. Am near cooked.  Can’t put my mind to writing somehow or other.  Well you asked about the Bn.  I can’t tell you anything about them, wish I could.  But your guess is right enough.  Well I don’t know anything to write.  We moved out of out little Paradise night before last.  Was only out there seven days.  I was sure sorry to leave but don’t get as homesick up here for there is nothing to remind me of home.  Not even a green bush to crawl under for shade.  Everything had to do down under Artillery fire.  The only think that’s left here is rats and they are sure thick.  Can’t step without falling over them.  We are sleeping in an old trench here and the beggars kept traveling over my face all night.  We had some biscuits and guess they thought they ought to have their share of them.  The biscuits are put up in penny packets so Mr. Rat don’t try to bust them open but snigs them out by the packet.  Well I can’t write today, don’t feel like it.  Had a letter from the old man last Sat. and Squire had one from you.  That’s the only mail we have had in three weeks.  Reckon something must have happened to the Can. mail for none of the boys got any.  Must saw off for this time.


Love to all


Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. June 6, 1917. Hudgins, John. June 6, 1917. Hudgins, John. June 6, 1917. Hudgins, John. June 6, 1917. Hudgins, John. June 6, 1917.