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Date: May 30th 1917


May 30 1917


Dear Ollie:-


I suppose you think it funny you don’t get any letter but we don’t feel much like writing.   Or at least I don’t when we are up the line.  We just got out here to billets yesterday morning.  Just five weeks ago yesterday we left here for the lines but some change in the looks of the place.  When we left it was mud to our knees now it’s dry.  To tell the truth it’s near perfect.  Berwick campground isn’t a patch to this place for beauty and we are certainly having swell weather.  It rained some yesterday but not enough to make it very muddy and it’s a perfect afternoon now and the best of it is we are out of the sound of the front lines.  Of course we can hear the big guns but just the same it seems some peaceful to us. 

Well Allie, there isn’t as many of us here as went in but still we are a lucky bunch jus the same.  We had a strike on one side of the road right in the center of our platoon and only one man shell-shocked and he wasn’t bad. 

Well H.N. McNeil has started for Blighty to take a Lieut. course.  His wound is about well but shrapnel wounds heal very slow.  Charlie Lynch was in to see us last night.  He is sure looking great for him.  He hasn’t been up the line for five months.  He is cooking now for a change.  Must try and hunt Vic Crocker if he is out of the lines.  Have forgotten Nobles Bn. so can’t hunt him up. 

Well we are going out tonight so must saw off but will be here eight days so will write you again Sun.   We went up the line and still have it in my pocket.  I forgot to give it to my platoon comm.  You know he has to censor all our mail.  So Mum didn’t get her letter but will write her tomorrow is nothing busts.



Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. May 30, 1917. Hudgins, John. May 30, 1917. Hudgins, John. May 30, 1917. Hudgins, John. May 30, 1917. Hudgins, John. May 30, 1917. Hudgins, John. May 30, 1917.