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Date: March 25th 1917

Eng. Mar. 25th 1917


Dear Ollie:-

Still in the same old camp.  Didn’t expect to write anymore letter here but I reckon a chap never knows where he will be the next day.  I don’t know what the trouble was but Sun. night they couldn’t take us Mon.  But we would be going in a day or two.  One hut went Mon. morning.  We got orders to pack up again last night so am in hopes it won’t be long now.  Mebby tonight.  Hope so at any rate.

Don’t know any news to write.  I got out to town one night that’s all.  Planned to go last nigh but was confined to barracks.  I didn’t mind much for money is scarce.  We have only had one ₤ since the Bn. left and that’s not much to buy grub and tobacco with but I hear they are going to give us a little more tomorrow.  Hope so at any rate.  Well it’s sure been cold here the last week.  Snowed everyday and cold enough to freeze you.  Haven’t had any mail in two weeks.  One story is going the rounds that it’s quarantined at Liverpool but don’t know but I would sure like to get some mail.  I seen Lloyd Durling the other night.  He is still moving from one Bn. to another.  He has been on the move ever since the 112th was busted up.  Can’t think of any thing to write so will quit for this time.  Write often as you can will get them sometime.  Tell John I haven’t got his letter yet.


Love to all


Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. March 25, 1917. Hudgins, John. March 25, 1917.