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Date: August 31st 1917
John Hudgins

France Aug. 31st 1917



Dear Ollie:


Got your parcel today and also your letter yesterday.  Many thanks for both of them.  Don’t expect many letters from me for I will have to write Mother now as often as I can.  We came out of the line last night for a bath but have got to go back tonight and it’s 2:30 now so you see won’t have much time to write.  We are having beastly weather, rains everyday and the mud is pretty bad.  Hope it doesn’t rain tonight but it looks pretty dark.  Well glad to hear you had a good time down to D’argies.  Sure would like to be able to go on another picnic again but never mind, mebby next year will be home again.  I think it would do them a lot of good to be out here for awhile, at least it would do me good to see them here.  God it’s lonesome here without the boy (Major) but suppose will get use to it in time.  We only had six casualties in our Coy this trip and only one of them was killed.  Am not feeling any good today.  Guess I have eaten too much cake and candy for most of the boys had boxes today.  Angus is still in the hospital with trench fever.  Don’t think he will ever go up the line again.  Too old for this kind of work.   This is some kind of a letter but you will have to excuse my letters nowadays for I can’t think of anything to write.  I tell you was glad to get the sox for the ones we get here are not like home kind, not by a long shot.  Must quit for this time.

Love to all