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Date: September 15th 1917
John Hudgins


France September 15/17

Dear Ollie:


Will try and write you a few lines to let you know am still alive and kicking.  I got your box and letter some days ago but have been kind of sick and did not feel much like writing.  Was sent out of the line Tues. night.  Am at the horse lines now but am going back up the line tonight.  Oh yes, most forgot about that box.  It sure was some smashed up.  The jar of jelly was broken and you can guess the rest.  The tobacco & fudge was all that was any good.  Many thanks for the box but don’t try to send any glassware for it is most likely to get broken.  Had a letter from Frank Robinson yesterday.  A nice jolly one too.  You know what a great singer she used to be well she tells me she had an operation on her throat and they told her it would sure help her voice but she says something must have went wrong for it’s the same old story whenever she starts to sing everyone leaves the room.  Well Ollie, it’s most noon and I must hustle.  Glad to hear you have a horse you can drive at last.  It will be handy for you to be able to drive yourself home when you want to go.  Well this is an awful letter but I can’t think of anything to write so will have to close for this time.

 Love to all


Original Scans

Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1917.09.15 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1917.09.15 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1917.09.15 Envelope. Hudgins, John. 1917.09.15