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Date: February 24th 1918
John Hudgins




Dear Ollie:


Just a few lines to let you know am still kicking.  Planned to write a lot of letters today as is was Sun. but it’s now 9:30 and have just commenced so reckon it won’t be much I will tonight.  But as I hear the boat was sunk about the time I sent my last letters I better try and scratch a few lines tonight or you would be thinking something had happened to me.  Well I got two boxes from Mum last night.  I think I have had four or five since I wrote last.  So reckon there are not many going astray but sometimes I get the first ones last but they are just as good.  You spoke about papers, I have no time to read.  Don’t even read the English paper.  Oh yes, I lie, I do read the news in the Register.  It’s just as full of news as ever.  It sure makes me laugh the trash they print in that paper. Now don’t get excited if I want anything I will sure send for it.  And as long as the boxes come as thick as they have lately reckon I won’t want anything.  You asked what kind of cake came best.  Well it all comes good but sugar cookies bust up pretty badly so reckon you better send cake or black cookies.  Well Allie, we are out on a little rest now and am in a dandy billet and a nice bed again. Had a letter from Frank last night and it sure was a big one.  Got the one you wrote the same night.  Got here over a week ahead of his.  Also had another from you yesterday.  When I get mail it comes in a heap but suppose it’s just as good.  Well I hope the mine of Nichole pans out good for it will be a great thing for the place.  Well I will talk about the weather for a change.  The last few weeks we have sure had nice weather for this God Forsaken country but expect it will soon take a turn for the worse but small offerings thankfully received.  Must quit for this time.

Love to all



PS     Oh yes, forgot to tell you was promoted to Coy Sgt. Major. More money but more work.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Letter. Hudgins, John. 1918.02.24 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1918.02.24 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1918.02.24 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1918.02.24 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1918.02.24 Letter. Hudgins, John. 1918.02.24