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Date: January 20th 1917

Jan. 20th 1917


Dear Ollie:


Yours received today.   No need to say was glad to hear from you.  Sorry to hear Charlton’s dog had an accident but you know the shorter the tail the better the breed.  So Daddy is building another camp is he?  He must plan to do some lumbering this winter.  How is the sale for lumber this year?  Is it a good price?  Suppose it must look pretty good or he wouldn’t be putting in such a large crew.  You say it’s very cold over there.  Well I would like to feel a good zero but not frosty.  I spits snow every day but not enough to make anything. 

Well we won’t have to go to church tomorrow.   We were quarantined last might for mumps.  There is only one hut left in D Coy that is not under quarantine now.  Expect I will be the next victim for the mumps but hope not for am not fussy about getting now for am about dead with a clod now can hardly speak.

Well guess I will use my own pen.  Have been trying to make to one I have using feed but there is something wrong.  It’s a new Swan.  The boy paid 3$ for it but it don’t work.  It’s a dandy fine one too.  Had a letter from Aunt Aggie Tues.   Says she is feeling better.  Squire had one from Mum today.  She says the old man got his card from the Government to fill in.  Hope it don’t put the devil in him again to enlist.  There is lots of time for him after they begin to draft and get the ones that should be here.  Am in hopes Creamer can talk some sense in his old head.  I don’t believe he could stand the times even if he could come.  As well I think two from one house is enough any way.  Well it’s quite a job to write here. There are 32 men in this hut and there is some noise so don’t be surprised at anything I may put in.  Guess I will have to quit for tonight.  The boys are making to much noise to try to write.  Good night.

Well will try again.  This is Sun. morning and no church for us.  Am afraid it will be along day and I know it will be a cold one.  Am near frozen now.  We have to keep all the windows open so can’t get the old shack het up.  We just had a card from P. McKinnon this morning.  But it was just a service card.  Nothing on it but he is well.  Glad to heard that much.  I wonder if he knows a little bit of business over there.  I sure miss the little devil.  There was a terrible explosion in the munitions works in London Fri. Between 20 & 40 killed and 100 injured.  I reckon a person can get killed without going to the front.  Squire is fitting up for a nap.  He is getting his great coat on and his Balaclava cap and gloves.  Angus just got a box of tobacco from his youngster.  Some tobacco and fudge.  The fudge she made herself.  It’s good too.  Damn it; don’t know anything to write.  Guess I will have to quit for this time.  I am hungry.  Funny isn’t it, never used to get hungry.  Whish I had about a bushel of Bishop Pippins to eat before dinner.  We have to pay 5 cents a piece for Baldwins here.  So can’t afford to get a belly full for we don’t get much money to spend clear of grub and tobacco.  I have to go light.

Well they drove me from the table to get dinner.  It’s kind of nice to have the grub brought to us.  If we could only get out once in a while to get extras.  Well my cold is some better today.  Guess I told you I have been near dead with cold.  Can hardly speak.  But have never reported sick yet and don’t want to commence now.  Will write again this week, nothing else to do.


Love to all



PS Am going to make Squire write Sade.  I sent her a card.  You know I pity the poor kid if I don’t think a Hell of a lot of her.  She can’t help it.



Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. January 20, 1917. Hudgins, John. January 20, 1917. Hudgins, John. January 20, 1917. Hudgins, John. January 20, 1917. Hudgins, John. January 20, 1917. Hudgins, John. January 20, 1917.