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Date: December 23rd 1915


December 23, 1915


Dear Ollie:


We went down and met Daddy at train.  I tell you the old chap had some load.  He could not get them off the train but he happened to see me and called for help.  It was mighty good of him to bring it down for us.  Many thanks for everything.  There is enough stuff to make us all sick.  Things are arwful dull here tonight.  There is only a few of us left, the rest of the boys left for home today on special training.  We will catch

H _ _ _ for there is only just enough to keep guard and do the work so expect won’t have a minute to ourselves.  Bet I will have to go on guard Xmas day for don’t think am on tomorrow.  Well we got the alarm call last night, 2:30, and no lights.  It was some fun but there wasn’t many who did not get out in ten min.  Have to stop, here comes a crowd of the boys. Good night.

Well this is Xmas, or they say it is.  Don’t seem much like it to me.  I haven’t been on duty today but Kelly is on guard.  We had a big turkey dinner in the Armories today.  A great dinner but it wasn’t cooked just right or mebby it’s myself.  Haven’t eaten anything since last Sun.  Been awful sick but feel lots better now.  I was on telephone orderly yesterday from 7 till 9:40 last night do couldn’t finish this before now.  You won’t get it till Mon.

I was telling you about the alarm and did not finish it.  Well when we were lined up and our kits inspected we had crusts of dry bread and hot coffee and started on route march.  It was a perfect morning moonlight and not too cold.  Went down by the arm and back by the exhibition grounds.  Just a nice little sun before breakfast.  Got back about six, Colonel Borden gave us a speech and read some poetry fixed over to suit himself.  He sure made us laugh.  The rest of the time they sang songs.  Great old chap the Colonel.  It was my first work since last Sat. but it helped my cold.  I could not speak above a whisper.  Well it’s suppertime but am not going over.  Don’t feel hungry.  Will eat a hunk of cake and call it enough.  Oh yes, went to church this morning.  First time in my like but there has to be a first time for everything I suppose.  Guess that’s all the news.  I think will be home Thurs. night but not sure.  The 3 o’clock train went clear through last Thurs. but if it don’t will have to wait till Fri. morn.  We only have 4 days.  That is if can’t get out Thurs. night. 


So Long



PS        It’s been a perfect day but slippery as H _ _ _ but will storm tomorrow.  Oh yes, did a washing this afternoon.  Nothing else to do.  I miss big Mac; he went with a bunch Thurs.