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Date: December 31st 1918
John Hudgins


December 31, 1918


Dear Ollie:


Will try and write you a few lines tonight as I have got to stay anyway.  Am an Orderly Officer tonight and am afraid am in for a lively time by the sound of things outside.  Too much celebrating and worse luck it’s up to me to see that there isn’t anything smashed.


Well only three minutes of the old year left.  Let us hop the new year is not quite so bloody as the old chap was. 


Well here we are on the start of the New Year and they sure gave her a royal welcome.  We had both our bands out.  Everyone drunk and happy but myself and I could not even drink the health of the New Year.  Just my luck.  But never mind, will get drunk next New Years.  Some changes from a year ago today.  We were at the old Chateau Di la Hai working like the devil feeding the boys & washing dishes.  If you remember the Officers and N.C.O.’s fed the men and did all the work for a change and I can tell you it was no snap.


Well Allie, was up to Aberdeen again Xmas.  Had a great time but only had two whole days there.  I am sure getting to be an awful gad about but got six days leave and had to go to London anyway so that might as well keep a going for I don’t think much of London.


I don’t know when they will send me home but I don’t want to come now until it gets a little warmer.  Was in hopes they could send us home before Xmas but wasn’t one of the lucky ones and now I hope they keep me until spring.


Ah yes, Hec. McNeil is here now.  I ran into him up in Aberdeen.  He has three wks. of it up there.  It’s a great place up there you bet.  I would sure like to see it in summer.  A swell beach and two rivers.  The Dee & Don, great place for a canoe but I don’t believe they know what a canoe is in this country.  I have never seen one at any rate.  Well Allie, got you box O.K.  Have a hunk of the cake here now for a lunch, also had one from Mum.  Am near dead from eating.  Do you know I believe I will kill myself eating when I get back home.  Never mind it will be a happy death at any rate.  It’s 1:30 and must take a sneak around the huts then go to bed.  Did not get to bed last night until 12:30, was on duty.  It sure makes me laugh, if I don’t a whole nights sleep now it think it’s awful and six months ago would think nothing of going three or four days without sleep.  I reckon the odds make he difference here all right.


Well Allie, am sorry to hear you are losing Dargie’s for you will sure miss them but you know the best of friends must pass.  By the way is Mrs. D’s brother over here?  Oh yes, young Thomas is here.  Old George’s cousin, Nephew or Aunt.  Had him down to my room the other night.  Seems to be a nice chap but not struck on this Army.  Well must quit, don’t know what to write.

 Love to all



PS     Think I done damn well to spoil that much paper and the best of it is it’s not my paper



Forgot to say H.N. is acting Capt. Now.

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