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Date: December 14th 1916

Dec. 14th 1916


Dear Ollie:


Got your card yesterday.  It was a dandy asto they were all good.  Squire brought the bunch out yesterday.  7 or 9 cards and letters.  He had one from Aunt Aggie.  She is sure hurting herself writing.  Well we just called a meeting to find out what day of the month it is but don’t know yet.  We lost all track of the days.  We shot all day Sun. and that kind of spoiled my reckoning but we came to the conclusion that it’s between the 12th & 16th and either Wed. or Thurs.  We haven’t done anything yet today but freeze.  We are having some English fog this week.  Real fog could not see the target at 50 yds.  Had to light the hut before 3 o’clock and it has been freezing all day.  That makes two days we have lost on account of fog since we came here.  I forgot whether if have written since I came or not.   Anyway I was sent down here last Thurs. to coach on the range and a cold job it is too for the only thing that stops them shooting is fog or darkness and we have to lay on our belly all day and when it rains it’s not very pleasant but still it might be worse.  It is only short hrs. For it gets dark early then we have nothing to do but walk around.  There isn’t much of a town here am I am glad of it for money is scarce in this country.  We have boys here from all Bn’s in this hut or most every one.  I seen young Taylor this morning, Milton’s boy, forget his name and don’t’ want to remember it.  He tells me Walter and Roy are still here and Vic Crocker.  Forgot to ask about Leslie.  Vic plans to go in the next draft.  Must try and get off to see them as soon as possible.  We had another draft go yesterday morning.  Only 9 from D. Coy.  Don’t expect to be able to get off for a month or six weeks yet anyway for will have to shoot after the boys get through.  The sooner I get out of here the better. I don’t’ like to see the boys going before I don but I suppose the longer I stay the better chance I have of getting out alive.  We are having some hot meetings the last few nights about peace.  I tell you it’s fun.  You would think we really did have something to say about it.  Well we have decided not to listen to German peace terms on any account for awhile yet.  But honest I don’t think we will see peace for a good many months yet even if Germany is talking peace she wants too much and I for one want to see her down and out even if I do want to get home.  Don’t want to have to go through all this training again in a few yrs.  Would rather be standing in front of the old saw 10 hrs. a day anytime.  Tell Mrs. D. I met some Annapolis boys last night who knew her and Reg.  I could only remember one chaps name.   It was Harris.  He is the artillery.  How I come to meet him, he stopped me and asked where I came from so one thing brought on another and come to find out he knew a lot of people that I did.  

Well I must quit for this time and see if I can thaw my toes out.  It’s beastly cold here.  Write as often as you can.  Wish could eat my Xmas dinner with you but hope to next year if nothing splits.


PS have you been skating?  It seems funny to have skating in Nov. doesn’t it?  But it’s funny anyway. 



Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. December 14, 1916. Hudgins, John. December 14, 1916. Hudgins, John. December 14, 1916. Hudgins, John. December 14, 1916. Hudgins, John. December 14, 1916.