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Date: November 29th 1916


Nov. 29th 1916


Dear Ollie:

Haven’t heard from you this week but suppose it’s somewhere on the road for don’t put much dependence in the mail here.  Had a few lines from Lib today but she didn’t have much to say.  Guess it’s so long since she wrote she has forgotten how to write.  Had a letter from Aunt Aggie yesterday.  Says she is not feeling very well but there are lots of people sicker than she is but I reckon she is feeling pretty bad just the same.

Well haven’t much time to write as it’s 10 o’clock now and lights are out at 10:15.  I reckon it’s colder than people think in Eng.  I know I mind it worse than I did in N.S.  Well I guess we are going in drafts all right so don’t expect to be here many more moons but the way I look at it the sooner the better.  Of course I may not be sent for a good while yet.  Tell Kelly Wilfred McLeod was in to see us yesterday.  He transferred out of D. Coy last Dec.  He helped to bury the other chap that went with him and Rankin is back in N.S. wounded.  He got six months leave.  Kelly will know who I mean.  He was our Lieut. for awhile and a damn good one too.  McLeod was the first chap that gave us a helping hand the first night we went to Halifax and I will never forget him for it.    

Well must quit.  Am sending my Certificate home.  Meant to leave it the last time I was home but forgot it. Lights out. 


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Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. November 29, 1916. Hudgins, John. November 29, 1916. Hudgins, John. November 29, 1916.