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Date: October 22nd 1916

Witley Camp

Oct. 22nd 1916


Dear Ollie:-


Thought would write you a few lines to let you know that we are still alive and well.  Squire is about clear of his cold and feeling a lot better.

Well I don’t know what I am allowed to write but can’t say anything about our trip across but had nice trip and not very rough.   But we sure passed through some great country coming here from the boat.  You don’t see much wasteland here in the old country I can tell you but the queer trains.  They look like toys along side of the cars back home.  No bell on engine, hardly any whistle sounds like the signal whistle on the old boilers at Daddy’s.  And the coaches are sure funny.  The ones we came on were split up in compartments to hold 7 men.  Just 2 seats the width of the car and you are put in there and the door shut on you.  No water on them (or anything else.)  But they sure go some.  Got he CPR skinned a mile for speed.  Would like to have time and money to travel all over it.  Some of the boys are going to London this week for a few days but we are going to wait awhile before we go.  Don’t know where we want to go yet.  Think I will like it pretty good here.  Of course it’s not home but did not expect it to be. 

It’s quite cold here now.  I mind it worse than I did in NS.  It froze ice here last night and the air doesn’t taste right somehow.  Too smoke and fog.  Well I am having a H _ _ _ of a time counting money.  It sure gets my goat but the people use us good.  Most of them won’t cheat us and they sure have a good chance for it would take me an hour to count it in our coin.  Tell John it’s a great place for beer and good at that for 6 cents a pint.  Not a glass but everything else that I have bought is just as dear as in good old NS.  Grub is higher I think.  Must quit as its suppertime.  We have good huts to live in and lots of blankets and a good bed for me.  The beds are board bottoms but I like that for you know I don’t like a soft bed.  Must quit, don’t like to write when I don’t know who is going to read them.  So will saw off for this time.  Squire is writing home so guess I won’t bother tonight.  Write as often as you can.  Guess I will get them all right.


Original Scans

Original Scans

Hudgins, John. October 22, 1916. Hudgins, John. October 22, 1916. Hudgins, John. October 22, 1916. Hudgins, John. October 22, 1916.