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Date: December 22nd 1918
Mr. Irwin
W.J. Stares


59907. Cpl. W.J. Stares

Coy. 6th Can. Res. Bn.

Milford Camp, Witley

Surrey, Dec. 22nd

Dear Mr. Irwin,

Your letter of Nov. 21st to hand a few days ago, I was pleased to hear from you. You will notice that the Reserve has moved we came here a few days before Armistice was signed. Say what a day that was. The Camp went crazy with delight. I have been away to Aldershot for the past month, on the Staff of the School of Musketry, relieving a few days ago to get ready for Christmas. I intend to go Home to my Relatives and then take a trip to Scotland, the Boys here think they will not let me in the country but I will put Mac in front of my name, and borrow a Kilt, and I think I can deceive them all right: anyhow I hope to come back full of Couridge. News reached me from my Brother, in Hospital in Germany, shot through the neck, first report, slightly wounded, possibly sent to relieve (or deceive) his wife. Demobolisation is in full swing, drafts leaving every few days. I expect to be sailing early in the New Year by the way things are shaping, so you can look for me as any time soon. I guess I shall have to come Home and give you fellows a few lessons in the Art of Shooting Deer, if you are not carefull.

Sorry to hear of so many deaths from the “Flu” I wrote to Mrs Chas Piffer thanking her for the parcle sent by the I.O.D.E. and a few days after learnt of her death. Very sad indeed.

Christmas here will be one of great rejoicing, everyone seems to be on Leave, London is full of men returned from France, every one with a smile, “The Victory Smile.” Weather very mild, and rather damp, which makes me rather anxious to return to Canada, to get back to the dry climate once again, and to Health. Many letters have come to me this week from Norwood, and they are all anxious to know (like yourself.) when I shall be returning. I think I will keep it dark, for I do not think I can face the crowd of Young Ladies that intend to meet the train. Please get the Police force on the job for I know there’s going to be trouble. I will conclude for this time Wishing to be remembered to Mrs. Irwin and family and to All the Kind Friends of Norwood, Wishing You All a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Kind Regards

W.J. Stares.

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Original Scans

Stares, William James. Letter. December 22, 1918 Stares, William James. Letter. December 22, 1918 Stares, William James. Letter. December 22, 1918 Stares, William James. Envelope. December 22, 1918