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Date: April 3rd 1918
Mr. Irwin
W.J. Stares

59907. Cpl. W.J. Stares.

A. Coy. 6th. Can. Res Bn.

Seaford. Sussex.

April. 3rd 1918.

Dear Mr. Irwin,

Your letter of Mar. 7th reached me yesterday, April2nd was very pleased to hear from you, Along with this letter I am posting one to Karl. I know that a letter at this trying time will help to cheer him up. I know that it did myself. Things do not look very Bright on the Western Front. Just at present, but we are all confident that we shall pull through in the end. I may have to go over any day now. All fit men are ready to move off at a moments notice. The Conscripts who have only been here a few weeks are on Draft. 5 weeks is all we get to turn them into soldiers. Just learn them to form fours and fire their rifle and they are fit. Expecting another big bunch in shortly, this may prolong my stay, but I shall eventually be shipped across to fill up the gaps.

Yes Miss MacLachlan can certainly pen a good letter, but I do not quite under stand the interest you have taken in bringing out her good points, to me, She is unmarried and Happy. She never Flirts, rather suggestive Eh. Quite a little joke on your part. I think I can see through the thing allright. You are looking for a job when I get back. Karls last letter was dated Mar. 6th and was fit then. Max Mac Naughton is on Draft to what Batt I do not know, he do not know himself yet. Weather just splendid for Easter Holiday although every one was working at high pressure. The mysterious Gun of Tril’s is causing some talk expect London will be shelled soon. Sorry to hear that you intend moving from Norwood. I suppose being your forth year you are compelled to Hoping your next place will not be very far from Norwood,

By yesterdays paper I see that the Canadians are in action in the Somme district. It seems too bad to loose all the ground we took in the first Battle last year. I shall never forgive the Germans for taking Conrcellette and the experiences I had in the Chalk pit. But I am ready to go through the ordeal again. If by chance there should be other young Ladies who are Unmarried Happy (maybe that is why they are Happy) and are not Flirts please submit there names, would like to correspond. Well I think I have come to the end of my news for this time. wishing to be remember to all the Kind Folks in Norwood. Good Bye for the present.

Yours Sincerely

W.J. Stares.

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Original Scans

Stares, William James. Letter. April 3, 1918 Stares, William James. Letter. April 3, 1918 Stares, William James. Letter. April 3, 1918 Stares, William James. Letter. April 3, 1918 Stares, William James. Envelope. April 3, 1918