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Date: September 20th 1916
Mr. Irwin
W.J. Stares

Sept 20th 1916

Dear Mr. Irwin: Received yours of Aug 29th a few days ago, was very pleased to hear from you. I also received your one before, but it reached me just as we were pulling out from the Salient and then started the long marches for 3 weeks finally finishing up in the Big Push. We went into action on the 15th and was very successful- reaching our objective and far beyond. Had to report that the 3 Norwood Boys came through without a scratch- Myself, Kettridge & Long. No doubt you will be reading of our work in the daily papers by this time.- Woodhead from Havelock sorry to say met his death at Hill 60 being blown up in a mine- he had only joined the tunnellers a few days previous. The scenes witness have been awfull- in walking over the battlefield.-its wonderfull what the British have accomplished since July 1st and we walked over 4 miles of ground which was held by the Germans,- Yesterday was the anniversary of our entering the trenches – one year – but it seems like 5 to me. Your account of the trip to Kosh was very interesting reading, and I still have hopes of being a member of one of those outing some time in the future.- Souvernies was very plentifull and the Boys look like a regiment of Huns with their caps – rifles – revolvers Ect- Prisoners have been trooping through here by the thousands, and such a croud all shapes and sizes, the heart completely taken out of them.- very few showed any fight- their hands going up all along the line- We are practically only fighting his Artillery the men offering no resistance what ever. Rain has fallen this last couple of days and will stop the push considerably.- I received word from F. Garlick sometime ago saying he had arrived safely in England- I have been hoping to meet him out here for some time.- All well at Home my people being very anxious just lately as to my welfare- Some of the Boys took a walk to 10- to fix up W[?] Starkeys grave before leaving the salient. I was very busy making sketches of graves to send home to their people in Canada. I will conclude for the time- wishing to be remembered to all the people of Norwood.

W.J. Stares

Original Scans

Original Scans

Stares, William James. Letter September 20th 1916 Stares, William James. Letter September 20th 1916 Stares, William James. Envelope September 20th 1916