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Date: April 28th 1916

April 28. 16

Dear Mary, Ern and Frances

I am a long time answering your letter this time but you must forgive me. We have been very busy the last two or three weeks. You see the spring is properly here now & we're not having as quiet a time as we had in the winter.

I hope this will find you all in A.1. condition as I am pleased to say it leaves me at present.

The weather is now much better now & everything looks green & fresh. We are back taking a rest now & the other night I went out of town a piece, to see our Officer who was pretty badly wounded. Everything seemed so quiet and peaceful round the hospital, it makes one long to be back out of all the strife. It isn't so bad when we're up in the front line, we have enough to do without thinking of green fields and cool rivers. However I think this summer will decide the war, & we are pretty certain of the result. Of course the enemy is not beaten by a long way yet & many more lives must be sacrificed yet, before we reach our goal. However we are not worrying at all, & think with Sir Richard Grenfell that,
"A day less or more, at sea or ashore,
We die, does it matter when"

I am satisfied with Babys present, that is certainly something very useful, may she sleep peaceful in it.

Yes it does seem a long time since I left Toronto. I don't think I alter much, getting more serious perhaps, but don't think I wear a long face.

Pleased to hear Florrie is going on alright, she seemed a nice girl when we used to see her in the choir. I would like to be sitting in the little church now; I have just visited the big church in this town, all of them in this country are very highly decorated & one of our officers was playing the organ. He played a lot of the old hymns & (carry on I had to fall in here and take a little ramble all night so am just having another try, 24 hours later) It reminded me of old times but I would much rather have been in our own little church.

Jim may look a little frail but he is hardening up & quite well, the soldiering is doing him heaps of good & he will be in good shape to accompany me back to my home.

Dear Mary, you needn't worry about me making rash judgements in regard to Ma. You know I am getting old & wise now & use what little brain I have sometimes.

Yes Mary you can send Ma a few dollars whenever you feel like it.

Well I guess this is all just now as I want to get a sleep tonight so good night &

Best Love to all
Your Loving Brother