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Date: October 21st 1918
Mr. Irwin
Howard McMaster

Sunday Oct 21st 1918

Dear Friend Mr Irwin

Just a line to let you no I received your letter O.K. & as we were going over the top that same morning at 4.30 I did not get a chance to read it till we gained our objective as it was 2 oclock in the morning when I got it & we could not light a candal so when we reached our objective I had four letters to read & I was anxious to no what was the news & take it from me I did not no whether I would come threw alive or not as my pals were talking along side me. But I put all my trust in the Lord & I came threw without a scratch & I always take the Lord for my Guide & I trust he shall Bring me back safe again to my home land. Well Mr Irwin I came threw the big [Censored] scrap & belive me it was a hot one for machine gun fire & old Fritzie sent a few of our boys to Blighty for the winter. But thank God he did not get me & I am spared to have another go at him again. I suppose the news is good over there now. Well we have him on the Run & its hard for the infantry to keep up to him. I guess we’ll shall have to keep our air O planes busy finding him ha ha. Well victory never look as close at hand as it looks to day & I think the rest of the days shall soon have threw with there job in France. Well I see by your letter alot of the young fellows are getting [?] up over there also. Well I hope there is one left for me when I go Back as I intend to settle down & lead a righteous life the rest of my days in this world as I sure have had all the fast & wild life I want to see to my sorrow. But as it is laid down in Black & white in the good Book that there is forgiveness I am looking forward to the test. Well I expect to go on leave in a short time. I shall have 12 months in on the 6th of November since I was in London last. Well as it is about time to fall on for church Service I shall close for this one. Hopping to hear from you soon again.

Yours Truly

195475 pte. H.J. McMaster

Batt. D. Coy.

M.G.S.  B.E.F.


P.S. let me know iff my Brother landed there yet.

Original Scans

Original Scans

Howard McMaster. October 21, 1918 Howard McMaster. October 21, 1918 Howard McMaster. October 21, 1918 Howard McMaster. October 21, 1918