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Date: May 19th 1918
Mr. Irwin
Howard McMaster

France May 19th 1918

Dear Friend Mr. Irwin

Just a line in answer to your most Kindest letter which I received a few days ago & as it is Sunday & we just got dismised after church parade which we had in the open field & Believe me it sure is warm here now & we have the afternoon off. I am going to make use of it in paying back some letters I owe to those who still is praying for our safe Returns to Canada & that it will not be long. Well Mr Irwin I see where you mentioned a few names of those who have returned. Well there is one in particular that never say much of the trenches. He may of made on trip in But that was all as he was with the town Major working. Back behind the lines I Don’t just no how he got on the job but that was what he was doing for a long time & that was what he was at the last time I saw him. That’s W. J. A. But its a good job there is some left yet from that town that is not swinging the bad & I’ll try my best to do his bit as he did not do it himself. Well I am in the Company now & is taking a course on the lewis machine gun & is making good. Well I was very sorry to hear of Karn[?] Hendren[?]. I heard he died of anomia. I never even saw him from the time we left England for France & I always was on the look out. But missed him. Well I have not heard from my Brother Willie in some time. I sent Captain Thompson a field card which I hope he gets. I just saw him the once & I was in the cart & had no chance to have a chat with him. But I had a long chat with Captain Neilson one day & a got a letter in February from him & he was in brightly with French fever & I have not heard from him since. Well there is very few of the 93rd left in the Batt. now & I do pray & trust in the Lord to bring me safe threw all my struggles that I may come in Contact with in this war. But one never knows the minute he is going to get wounded or Killed in this war so in speaking my own mind it makes one feel that his wants to be prepared to meet his maker & I am trying to do whats right & Keep his Commandments as no one can be to good. I know that I have done lots of things I ought not to have done & I have asked his forgiveness & although I am many miles away from those who know me well I still have a friend that will come to my assistance that will help me in all my troubles iff I look forward to him. As he even pick you up iff you only try to help your self as from day to day I look forward & I feel strong & Healthy & it lays on even soldiers in France to do what is right & the Lord is with him where even he goes. As our Chaplain told us the Lord had given us one thing he can’t take away & that was our own free will & every one should do what is righteous. As many of us has not done so But I am mending my ways fast & every body’s got the same opportunity to do so. As the good Book is layed there before us all. Well Mr Irwin you can read this letter to any of the people of your church that is still praying for our return. That I am looking forward & leading a righteous life & that it comes my time to leave this world. I pray & hope I shall meet you all in the next. As I said before one never knows the minute he is going to get killed in a war like this. As the Lord can be the victory of many or [?] few. Well I do hope that I shall see you all some day it may be along day & it may be a short one as one never knows form day to day what is going to Happen iff you send me Kars adress I will write to him. I was not far from the town you mentioned in the letter when I got it. But has not seen him since. Well I will ring off for this time trusting to see you all again I give my best wishes to all who no me. I remain your ever Friend pte. H.J. McMaster. Reg. No. 195475

52nd Batt. D. Coy. 15 platoon

B.E.F. France. Answer soon

Good-Bye & God be with you all till we meet again. Remember me to the Congregation of your church.

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