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Date: April 7th 1917
Mr. Irwin
Howard McMaster

Saturday April 7th 1917

Dear Friend Mr Irwin

Just a few lines again to let you no I am still keeping my self in good trim for the hun this spring. Well I see where you mentioned Vanderburg & Taylor & the boys are having great fun with him. I was sent out myself the time that old Charlie was popping[?] up with Mr Wiers[?] team & Believe me we had some fun alright. I dont think Charlie would be a very good neighbor to live beside, for he looks for to much trouble. But iff he is getting real bad and wants to fight I wished some one would tell him that there is a space left here in France for him. That the Kind we need in France now adays yes I am sure that you would have no Bother in picking a platoon of fellows out of that crowd & Miss Elliot got married to a fellow in Westwood. Well iff my life is spared threw this was which I trust in God it will I am going to settle down & make a home for myself. I always had a good righteous life. Which I have not done for the past few years. I always had a stray with Drink & always in trouble with it & Believe me, you would hardly no me now as I have been living a different life & away from the Drink & I feel a new man all together & iff I live to go Back I am going to show the people around there that I have changed my ways in living. Any body can leave the drink alone iff they put their mind to it. Well I see where a few of the old people has passed away & Mr. Peer[?] is very low. Well he is getting up in years. Yes there are a few & I no them very good that should be over helping there Comrades to win this war there is space here for lots of them dont [?] fellows. Well I was out on a raid the other night & Believe me there was something doing we got in to his trench & got a few prisoners & Killed what was in the Dugouts with bombs & we got Back with only one wounded man in the trip he sent over a few saugges But we were Back to our own lines before he could get his guns going & Believe me we have him going now & when we make the advance he will no what us Canadians left Canada for take from me. We got his goat now. Well I suppose Garlick will be back when you get this letter & tell him to Drop me a line I suppose I will have some time in find my Brother Will. But iff I can find our where they are stationed for a while I will write to him poor fellow he can’t write either. But when he gets word from me he will get some one to do it for him. Well as I have told you about all I can say for this time I will soon have to close. As all the Boys from Norwood that are with me here are all well & Killenback told me he got a letter from you & he said that he must answer it. I was out for a rest when I got your letter & is answering it right away. Well I guess I have told you all I can think of just at present & will say Good-Bye hopping to see you soon again with victory won

From pte. H.J. McMaster


Write soon

Good luck & Best wishes to all.

Original Scans

Original Scans

McMaster, Howard. April 7, 1917 McMaster, Howard. April 7, 1917 McMaster, Howard. April 7, 1917 McMaster, Howard. April 7, 1917 McMaster, Howard. April 7, 1917 McMaster, Howard. April 7, 1917 McMaster, Howard. April 7, 1917