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Date: February 5th 1917
Mr. Irwin
Howard McMaster

Sunday Feb 5th 1917

Dear Friend Amansell just a line to let you know I got your letter all O.K. As this leaves me in very good Health. I was Bothered a little with my legs & Back for a while But is feeling Better the weather has been very Cold here lately very little snow But awful frosty They claim it has Been Colder here than it has been for some years. Well Charlie will get what is Coming to him yet, for he always was hard to neighbor with. Well I got two letters with yours to-night one from Fred Pearce & Mrs Cross she asked me to try & see iff I could find he Husbands grave But I am afraid I could not locate it very handy as I don’t know what Hosptial he died in Well I suppose you have hear about Edward grout getting killed By this time I did not see him myself as he was out of my platoon on a gun when he was killed. I am still at the same job yet stretcher Bearer & has had very good luck in W. Coy very few Casualties & pray to God that it will contie to keep that way. But as Brave a soldier as you may Be you can never tell the minute your time is going to come. But we Trust to God to Guide us threw over struggles. Well Amansell as you said I can’t speak much about the war But I think she will last this year alright. Of cource we hear so much that it hard to tell anything about it (?) pearce gave me John Rothwells address & I am going to drop him a line write away. Well Karl is Certainly pretty young for a life like this. a young fellow may have lots of courage & so forth. But take a fellow that has never had any Real Hardships in his life & I think myself it will put years on his life who ever he may be. I no for myself I dont feel the man I did when I left time will tell on every body. The Trenches are very good now & dry. But I suppose the spring will make them muddy again tell Karl I wished I was lying along side him to-night The bed is hard here Remember, Well the telephone will be handy alright. Well I am sorry to hear about young waters; hope he will recover soon Well I see where you mentioned a few names of the people (?) that has passed away & Billie puffer is wearing 3 stripes oh Well tell him not to worry he will have a chance at the Huns yet. Well I think there are alot of young fellows there(?) that has. The age on them that should join the Color portray told me in a letter that he signed the National service Card & thinks there are alot that is doubtful about it. Well I have not got many souvenirs as yet. I have seen lots. Well I hope the Concert that the 93 gives is a success. Well I will say good-Bye. Giving My Best wishes to every body

Trusting to you all again safe & sound From

Pte H.J. McMaster

52 Batt D. Coy No 195475

B.E.F. France

Original Scans

Original Scans

McMaster, Howard. February 5, 1917 McMaster, Howard. February 5, 1917 McMaster, Howard. February 5, 1917 McMaster, Howard. February 5, 1917 McMaster, Howard. February 5, 1917