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Date: December 19th 1916
Mr. Irwin
Howard McMaster

Somewhere in France. Saturday Dec 16th 1916

Dear Friend Mr Irwin just a line to let you no I got your letter of the 21st & was glad to get such a long letter as it cheers me up when I get the news from home. But you will have to excuse me for not writing you one the same length. As it leaves me in very good Health & the rest of the Boys that are with me. Two KillenBecks & Edward grout & myself. the weather is very good here now we had some rain this week. The nights are cold But we are well cladded for it. we had an odd skipt(?) of snow But melts in a few minutes. The Trenches are very muddy & it makes it uncomfortable for getting around & it soon tires one out. Well I am on the stretcher-Bearers now Dressing the wounded & it is some job all right. But we are very lucky in 13 platoon very few casualties. You said you got a letter from Stares & he saw some of the boys (?). Well he would be tickled to meet some boys that he new from there. I got two parcels the other day one from my Sister in Peterboro & one from my sister at home. Well I suppose there will Be some change in Norwood when we arrive Which I trust in God I will & the rest of the Boys. We look to God for our Guide all the time. In danger or out of it & he keeps us safe We had church in the Y.M.C.A. the last Sunday we we(?) out for rest. Well that was a good Deer Hunt you had all right. Wish you Better luck next year Well I am a year on the 17th in the Army how time slips around. We have got to Be in France 6 months at army rate Before we can get leave to go to London & They give you Ten Days off when your turn comes. So that will mean some time in the spring for us. But I hope the war is over Before that & victory won. You would make some Bridge Will this Sunday now & I am finishing up the letter I heard to-day that the Trench has being Doing some pretty good work. Well those Cadets you are training will make good soldiers some day. The citizens of peterboro sent us some socks & tobaco. We are all Hopping that the new year will Bring us good news. Well I guess I have told you all that I can be allowed to put int. So I wish you & the Family a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year. Hopping to see you in 1917 with victory won I will say Good-Bye From pte H.D. McMaster 52 Batt 13 platoon D. coy No. 195475 C.E.F. France

Original Scans

Original Scans

McMaster, Howard. December 16, 1916 McMaster, Howard. December 16, 1916