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Date: October 23rd 1916
Mr. Irwin
Howard McMaster

Monday October 23rd 1916

Hello A Mansell just a line to let you no I am some where in France & is well a present. I am in the 52 Batt now in W. Coy. 13 plattoon same No. 195475. Well A Mansell I expect to go into the trenches before long. As I have been marching for a week now with full Kit & I think I would Be safe in saying it weights about 75lbs so it means a nice load. But I am use to it & Dont mind it at all as the web & Harness fits good. Well I heard Wilbiard[?] King is wound threw the shoulder But now serious. Oh say mack fooley it here with me he use to live in Dinigall I Dont no whether you would no him or not. But he is well Knowing in Norwood. His people lives in Havelock I guess I am the only Norwood man I the 52 Batt. But there are a lot of the 93rd in it with me. Well I would like to see the war over by Christmas But I think it will see another winter all right. I have seen lots of Germans since I came this far. Oh yes the Two Killenbecks are with me. Well that was some trip you had allso some stew I wished I had of Been there I heard that the Norwood people was sending a Box of presents from 16 plattoon Before I left otter pool But has heard no more since I got a nice pair of socks from Mrs Dr. Sutton. Well A Mansell I hope this letter goes threw to you all O.K. & you will certianly have to excuse me for not sending you a longer one as all letters has to go threw the head quarters & you can’t say much about war affairs. Well I will close Trusting that God will Bring me safe home again I will say Good-Bye from Howard McMaster adres the letters

52 Batt D. Coy. 13 plattoon

Army Port office C.E.F.

& Give my Best wishes to all the Churches & Congreations. As I am along way from them I still Remember them & our church Bell that I hear no more oh say I just heard that Tommie Cross & William Little are wounded

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