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Date: June 12th 1917
Mr. Irwin and Family
Iden Bonds

Mr & Mrs Irwin & family June 12/17

Just a line to let you know that I am still in good health & keep giving my bit towards the beating of Old Fritz & I can tell you he is getting it in the neck these days. I saw an account of the 247th arriving safe in England & was glad to hear of it especially in these turbulent times. Well sir I guess you have been giving the slackers it hot these days in Norwood, well you know that you cannot blame them especially when they read of the accounts of the casualties in the papers & you know that most of them are tied to their mother’s apron strings & will be till the war is over & then when the boys come home they will come out & shout the loudest that they have won the war. Well sir the Hun as had another mach(?) in the & the Canadian boys are partly avenged but not quite, but they are going to do it yet. Well sir I think myself that if the Russians would only be moving a little it would relieve the tension of the people but then you never could trust them, one minute your enemy another your friend & they are supplied with every in good [byons?], ammunition, supplies, etc. well sir I see that you have got an honor Roll I am trying to keep the programme my girls sent me. I am enclosing a photo of myself taking within reach of the guns of old Fritz, so it will be quite a souvenir. Well sir I will have to close as I have no more news so good bye & God Bless you

From Your

Sincere friend

Iden Bonds

(P.S. I have not had any mail from you for a long time.)

Original Scans

Original Scans

Bonds, Iden. June 12, 1917 Bonds, Iden. June 12, 1917 Bonds, Iden. June 12, 1917