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Date: January 11th 1918
Mr. Irwin
Iden Bonds


My dear Sir

Received your kind & welcome letter last night written on Nov 26th/17 & was sure pleased to hear from & also glad to know that you are all in good health. I am very sorry that I not see Karl before he to France. I would have liked to have had a chat with him. I tell you my dear Sir its no joke over there & instead of getting better it’s getting worse & worse & I pity the boys when Old Fritz makes his great drive on the western front which he is sure to do pretty soon as a last resource to try to break through on the Western front like he did with the Russians & Italians but I can assure you he’s got something different to fire[?] then these men & he’ll find that out to his cost[?] Well Sir I am getting along pretty fair but only slowly my knee is giving me quite a few turnings[?] these days. Well as for the weather, it is pretty good for the time of the year. I had Xmas & New Year in bed, but I got up, again, two days ago, but am still weak, but then I must not grumble things might be worse. I can see by the papers that you have been having some stirring times with the election & other things but I think myself that the tribunals are too lenient towards some people. We have got to hear several things, since the voting about how things , are going over there. We have heard of several instances where farmers runs[?] even when they 5 & 6 boys at home & not one volunteer exemfiled[?] & how another person who as two out here with the colour & they have amfelled[?]  the only one at home to report for duty, if that’s fair it’s about time the Government got 2 or 3 bombs on the house when it is siting. Now I am pleased to hear that you had a good time hunting, but not much success, but then, you had a holiday & a change & I hope that you are all the stronger for it. Now I am also glad that you have had missionaries there & I hope & trust that there as been a shaking among the dry bones & that you have had a revival of great intensity & power. Now please give my kindest regards to Mrs Irwin & the boys & I thank you very very much for you kindness to my wife & family when she[?] was sick & now I will have to close with kindest & best wishes for a bright prosperous & happy New Year & May God Bless your work for him.

From yours


Sapper[?] Iden Bonds

(195:560) (Can Engineers)

Bed 131 Ward N

Manor War hospital

Epsom[?]. Surrey.


Original Scans

Original Scans

Bonds, Iden. January 11, 1918 Bonds, Iden. January 11, 1918 Bonds, Iden. January 11, 1918 Bonds, Iden. January 11, 1918 Bonds, Iden. January 11, 1918 Bonds, Iden. January 11, 1918