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Date: August 3rd 1917
Mr. Irwin and Family
Iden Bonds

Aug 3,rd: 1917

My dear Mr Irwin & family

Just a line to you in answer to your welcome letter (of July 8th) & circular to the boys & I was very much pleased to hear from you

I guess some of our letters do go astray & I would like to know if you got the photo that I sent to you in one of the letters that I have written. Well I am pleased to know that you can enter into the spirit of the boys & God knows they can do with encouragement these days. Well we have started another kick at old Fritz, but the weather is all against us it started raining on Monday & this is Friday & raining still & doesn’t look like letting up at all yet. Well Sir I must not grumble these days we have had now nearly 2 weeks sent away from the noise & racket of Gun fire somewhere in France & I can tell you I was just about ready for it. Well Sir I am pleased to know that you see the wife & kiddies sometimes because I guess the poor lass gets downhearted at times & needs a little encouragement she as a big responsibility, but I guess she is pretty plucky & I can tell you that I am proud of her. Well Sir give my love & respects to the boys & tell them to keep working hard & also accept my kind regards for yourself & wife so I will have to close

Yours sincerely Iden

P.s. Please let me know how Karl is getting along as I have had no answer from him yet, & also tell him that my words of good luck go with him & also that he as my sympathy over there as they treat the men rotten amongst that bunch

I am also pleased that Garlick as got the position at Kingston but the other man I have no sympathy at all as he always said when he got to England that he would never see France cold feet suffering

That’s all I can think of it. Well good bye to you all

From yours

Iden Bonds 

Original Scans

Original Scans

Bonds, Iden. August 3, 1917 Bonds, Iden. August 3, 1917 Bonds, Iden. August 3, 1917 Bonds, Iden. August 3, 1917