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Mr. Irwin
Iden Bonds

195.560. C Cg


West Sandling

Kent, Eng.

Dear Mr. Irwin

Just a line in answer to yours of today. I tell you I was very much pleased to get it as it helps to lift up a fellow on this hard track. Well sir I very much enjoyed reading of your experiences in the bush hunting, also I was pleased to hear about your doings with the scouts IRCC you any one can do wonders with the boys if they are used the right way & I do not think they could have got a better scout master for the work because your heart is in the right place & you can enter into their sports with real enjoyment. Well sir I am very much pleased to know that the people are praying for the boys. I tell you we need all the prayers in this world & then it tries all our strength & trust, to withstand the temptations that beset us on every hand also in the many ways for the unwary. I tell you many traps are sett on every hand to entrap the boys. I know that these are not temptations to me because I have been through them all before, so you see you need not have any fear for me. I tell you there is lots of things to lead a man astray besides drink & gambling but by the help of the Divine hand we can be guided through the dark lanes. Well sir I am pleased to know that you are keeping good health & that the family are the same. I might say that I am in pretty good health at present. Well I expect now that I shall be soon going to France as I have been transferred to the training company. I tell you I am getting sick of hanging around here it gets on a man’s nerves & I want to be up & doing. Well sir I think that things look Blacker & Blacker. Rumania is being treated by the Germans as Belgium was & Serbia & it looks like being a long long time before this war is over. There is a lot of change going off all over & I tell you it means a lot to some people. I tell you there is a terrible amount of suffering over here you can see is on every hand. But then we are all in God’s hands & He is the best place to put our trust into. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness to me & mine

May God Bless you & your work for the Master. So I will conclude with wishes for a Bright and Merry Xmas & Prosperous New Year.

From your Friend with kind regards

Iden Bonds

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Original Scans

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