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Date: June 18th
Mr. Irwin and Family
Iden Bonds

Mr Irwin & family

Monday June 18th

My dear friends

Just a line in answer to your kind & welcome letter received today & am pleased to get it I can assure you. I was surprised to know that you have not had any mail from me for a long time, but I can assure you I write at least every 2 weeks so that I can keep in touch with you & perhaps some of the letters are at the bottom of the seas. Well sir I am glad to be able to tell you that I am in very good health & hope & trust that this will find you all the same especially Mrs Irwin who must feel it hard on account of the dear lad who as come out to England I wish that I could come into contact with him to help him to fight the battles he as to face not only the huns but other things besides, but then he is a pretty plucky & strong lad & will be able I believe to say no. I am writing him at same time as this, on purpose to get into touch with him I wrote as soon as I heard that he had enlisted, but I do not know whether he got my letter before he left Canada. Well sir I was surprised indeed to hear of the Taylors case & though myself that Clarence would get into trouble one way or another he seemed to be pretty pig-headed, but then it does not pay to be over confident & head strong these days. I tell you this is the place to cure them of these things. Well sir we have been making things hum on the Western front this last month or two & old Fritz is beginning to tremble in his Boots because he does’nt know what is before him or where we shall strike at him again. I tell you that he is alright with himself when he is winning but as soon as he gets a pretty hard smack he yelps like a whipped cur. Well sir I am sorry that so many of the Norwood boys have paid the supreme sacrifice but then it cannot be helped we are all here for doing our duty & I believe we are doing it day by day. Well remember me to all enquiring friends I Give my kind regards to Mrs Irwin & the boys accepting same for yourself, so goodbye & God Bless you all. Oh by the way let me know by return whether you will be staying in Norwood another your or so & if not do not let me lose sight of you as it would be too bad. Well cannot write anymore news so will have to close.

From your

Sincere friend

Iden Bonds

P.S. Thank you again for your kindness to my wife & family & by the way I am glad of the reception given Miss Squire on her arrival home on furlough you must have had a jake time. I have’nt met any of the boys yet I was not at Vimy I was a few miles away from there


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Original Scans

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