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Date: March 9th 1918
Mr. Irwin
Iden Bonds

Hut 3 Div A

Woodcote Park

Epsom, Surrey


Dear Mr Irwin

Just a line in answer to your newest welcome letter of Feb 14/18 & I am pleased to tell you that I am in pretty good health & I am glad to know that you are all the same. I got a letter from Karl last week & he was alright then. I am glad my dear sir that you are having some outward visible signs of your work & labours in the church at Norwood. A shaking amongst the dry bones. I am also pleased to know that the people are awaking to the fact that there is a war on. I tell you things are’nt looking any too rosy & we are having a great struggle against the Germanic hordes, who will stick at one thing to gain their ends, at the present time the situation is very serious, but we must look upward. I trust in the Divine Providence to bring peace & order out of this terrible chaos into which the world has been thrown by the machination of a super-maniac, the devil’s own master, & there are lots of people both here & in Canada & other places who would uphold them in their devilishness & even help them if they had the spunk & pluck to do it. Now sir I do not know yet what they are going to do with me. I may yet have to go back, there is no knowing, but then I am in God’s hands & He will rule my destiny, if I am to come home, so much the better. I am very glad sir of your kind thoughts towards my family in my absence. Please give my kind regards to all enquiring friends & accept same for yourself & family & may God still prosper your work in His vineyard. Goodbye & God Bless you.

From your sincere Brother

Sapper I. Bonds

195.560 E. England

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