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Date: March 16th 1915

Mar 16th 1915

Dear Clara: --

Was glad to receive a very [?] letter from you a couple of days ago, but four pages to let me know that you won 1st prize [?]. And Irwin was about as bad. He won a first also. I believe that you can blame your partners in both cases. No I won’t dare to ever slow you playing any more.

They are having a great old concert down stairs at present. Singing “Oh you beautiful doll”. I would like to see some of those “beautiful dolls” they are making so much noise about.

Had quite a chat with [?] last evening. He had just heard from you, and had been let in on the secrets of future. Wonderful!

To-morrow will be the 17th and I have some Irish sent me from the Queen Sale. Think I will honor the memory of St. Pat (?) by wearing it.

Please extend my heartiest congratulations to Edna, and kindest regards to Angelina.



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