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Date: September 20th 1914

Div. Ammunition Park

Sept 20th 1914

Dear Clara: --

Received your letter a couple of days ago, and was glad to hear from Winnipeg. You mentioned that your chief occupation since July 16th has been writing to me. My goodness child I did not know that you have had nothing to do since that date.

I would be pleased to arrange a season band with you for Tues. evenings if I was sure that I wouldn’t be in town this winter. But under the circumstances guess I better not take any chances.

Sorry that I will be unable to go to any of the teachers dances. Things that we plan never seem to turn out do they?

The next time you feel inclined to write, just stop for a moment and consider whether you deem it necessary to mention anything about, oysters, peach pie with whipped cream, cake & etc. If you do think it necessary to say anything about the like of that, then don’t write. Wait till the next day or as long as it takes for the spasm to leave you. If you only knew what we live on down here you would realize why I hate to hear those dainties mentioned. Why we have beans for breakfast, stew for diner and beans or stew for supper. No alteration from this menu are allowed.

How are Eric, Edna [?], Florence and all the bunch? Haven’t you got another fish you want me to approve of? If so write at once to same address.



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