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Date: December 26th 1899

Pincher Creek, Alberta,
Dec 26, 1899

 Dear Mother,

I have a piece of news to tell you that I don’t think you will like, at least not at first. I have sent in my application for service in South Africa and been accepted and passed the medical exam. The doctor said I was in first class condition in every way. There are about twenty-four going from Pincher Creek. I expect we will be on the way about the end of the week. It was only yesterday, Xmas day that we passed the exam and knew we were going so I have let you know as soon as I could. We may pass through Ottawa, but I am not sure yet. You will see it in the papers. I am going in the Mounted Rifle Core and expect to sail from Halifax early in January. Now, mother, don’t worry yourself about me. It will make me feel bad about going and won’t help it any, and remember it makes no difference where I am, whether in the N.W. Territories or in South Africa. I trust I am in God’s hands. And another thing, I am going to fight for the British Empire.

Trusting you will take this news as a true British subject should, with love to all,

I remain your loving son Geo L. Dore.

 P.S. I have no time to write more now. Sarah will tell you all. I will likely see you before I go.